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The Fruits of Our Labor...

August in Washington means.... BERRY PICKING!

The last two weekends, we've had impromtu berry picking adventures.

Last Sunday we were at the Gasworks Park in Seattle and walked around the waters edge to watch the boats and sea planes and found TONS of wild blackberry bushes. It made for a delicious afternoon snack!
Wild Blackberries with Seattle skyline in the background

Yesterday we drove to Carnation, WA and found a roadside blueberry farm. They provide the bushes & boxes. You pick and pay...$2 for a pound. Most of the bushes had been picked over, but Aidan enjoyed running around the rows and eating all of the berries he could find. Sometimes, he didn't even bother to use his hands to pick them...he would bite them off of the bush with his mouth and keep running.

By the time we made it back to the "weighing station", Aidan had eaten the ENTIRE box of berries. We have the clerk $1.00- we're convinced Aidan ate at least half a pound!

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