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Our Little Swimmer

Aidan LOVES his swim classes!
In the last 4 weeks he has learned to kick, splash, float and go under water (with Mom's assistance).

Our instructor's name is Miss Jessica. Our classmates include: James, Massuess and Hailey (15-19 month olds).

Our classes are once a week at an indoor pool near our house. The water is heated to 82 degrees to keep the babies comfortable and at ease with the water. The water wasn't very refreshing last week when our tempatures were in the 100's!

Tim took off of work this morning to come watch us and take some pictures.

It looks like he's just playing with floating balls...when in fact he's building arm strength for paddling!

Practicing our back float. You can't tell from this picture that he really does enjoy it!

Coming up for air after a good dunk!

And we're done!

We dropped Tim off at work and came home. Aidan and I had a snack and he went to sleep for his morning nap. Today was the day the apartment complex was testing our fire alarm system. The bells rang, smoke alarms sang and the fire engines blarred for an HOUR and A HALF! Aidan slept through the entire thing!! You know what that means...I have a headache and well rested baby!!

We're meeting some friends today for a playdate at the Children's Museum. Hopefully post some more pictures then.

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