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Sights & Sounds of Washington

Aidan has a new passion....READING! He will grab a book off of the shelf and run to me yelling "REE! REE! REE!" We sit in the rocker and read the book over and over and over. He loves to turn the pages and point out the "Quack Quack" or the balloons. I LOVE that he loves to read. His favorites right now are: Goodnight Moon, I Love You Through and Through and What Floats. He's not patient enough to enjoy the storytime at the library across the street, but I think that day is coming soon!

Here is Curly Q Aidan! I wish my hair would curl when it's humid out!

On our way from the Gasworks Park, we drove by the "Fremont Troll". He has been lurking under the Aurora bridge since the 90's. The head to shoulder sculputre is 18 feet tall.

More blackberries!

During our blueberry picking adventures we saw an old barn with an Eddie Bauer logo painted on it.

I don't know the story behind the barn- but it made for some cute pictures!

"Sleepless in Seattle" house:
Floating house on Lake Union in Seattle
2,000 sq ft 4 bedroom home sold for $2.5 million in 2008.
If you can afford a $625,000 down payment, your monthly costs would be about $13,800 (assuming you secured a jumbo mortgage with an 8% rate for 30 years!!!)

I don't think we will be putting in an offer on the Sleepless in Seattle house anytime soon...So in the meantime, we're going to stay in our apartment and share some Saturday morning cereal with Dad.

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