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Not My Child!!

NOTE: Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on hand. You will have to use you imagination for this one.

On Friday, it was a sunny and unusually warm day in the mid 80's. We went to the local park to run around, jump, play and feed the ducks. Aidan is sitting in his stroller and we are both throwing crackers to the ducks in the pond.

Out of no where, I hear "Quack! Quack! Juice! Juice!" Proceeded by a shrieking sound and a SPLASH. Apparently, Aidan thought the ducks were thirsty. He called their names, hurled is juice bottle into the pond and hit a duck. I look down and see a cross eyed duck and bright orange bottle floating away. I froze, looked at Aidan and put my hands up in the air. Aidan responded with a very deliberate "UH-OH".

Several things are racing through my mind at this point. A few of them being
"Did anyone see this?"
"Will we get in trouble if Donald Duck dies?"
"Can I leave without anyone noticing that I am littering a public park?"

A man walks up to me and asked if I needed assistance. I looked at him helplessly and replied with "Maybe. Yes. Definitely."

The man had his own son (about 5 months old) in a carrier strapped to his chest. He sticks his foot in to the pond, trying to kick the bottle towards me. He slipped and almost fell in, BABY and ALL! Luckily, he caught his footing and I snagged the bottle. I thanked the man, grabbed Aidan and scurried away.

At this point, I was thankful that Aidan didn't think the ducks were lonely and decided to jump in the pond and show them his new dog paddle he learned at swim lessons earlier in the week!

A few minutes later, we are at the playground and Aidan is running around, following some older kids and trying to mimic everything they are doing. A few of the boys were having a "sword" fight with some sticks. Out of excitement, Aidan grabbed a handful of dirt, grass and wood chips and threw it at the boys. As a result, everyone got a little bit dirty but no injuries. A few of the Moms stood on the sidelines and glared at me. I waved and told them I was just his babysitter!!!
They seemed to immediately change their attitude and were a little more forgiving!

I can get away with the "babysitter" card- Aidan looks NOTHING like me. It worked that time. I may have to keep using that when he's acting up in public! This story was the inspiration behind the "Not My Child Monday". I hope to have a story similar to this to share each Monday. So stay tuned and keep checking back with us and our ADVENTURES!

Because of things like today, I have stored a pen and notebook in my diaper bag, stroller and car. I know events like this (and worse) are in my future...I want to write them down, cherish them and laugh at them later. Hopefully, I will get better about picking up the camera to document the event, instead of caring if anyone is looking!

Tim has been away all week for work. He gets home late tomorrow night. Hopefully, while he and Aidan are catching up on their "boy time", I can post some pictures.

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