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Summer Days

Last week, we had an unusual heat wave. On Wednesday, our thermometer read 109 degrees! By midnight, we were still hovering 94 degrees... EEKK!

One thing about the Pacific Northwest, no one has AIR CONDITIONING! All of the hotels booked up within minutes. We were fortunate to rent a window unit AC from our apartment complex. It kept our bedroom at a chilly 88 degrees all day and night. Aidan and I spent a lot of time in a shaded swimming pool, a cool bathtub, lots of popsicles and naps in the cool bedroom. We are thankful the heatwave is gone and we are now back to the cooler sunny days and chilly nights.

Here are a few pictures of Aidan's pal, Tristan. He will be 2 in November. The boys are always so sweet together. Tristan plays on a soccer team at the park by our house. We just adore his parents, Richard & Lauren!

HIGH FIVES with Tim, Aidan, Tristan, Grandma & Grandpa
We went to Tristan's game on Saturday and cheered from the sidelines. Aidan is a very interactive cheerleader- he hopped the fence snd ran along side all of the kids during the soccer practice! Aidan is the same size as the rest of the kids and running around like he knew what he was doing. None of the coaches or parents even noticed the party crasher! Guess we will have to sign him up next season!

Sunday Brunch Date with Tristan

Notice, Aidan's hair curls up with the heat and humidity.

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