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Bumps & Bruises

The New Adventures of Old Aidan (14 months)

Each day is a new thrill seeking adventure for this toddler & Mom duo. It's also a great opportunity for Mom to get grey hairs, experience heart failure and keep the pediatrician on speed dial!
Just a few weeks ago, Aidan was barely walking. Today he's RUNNING and CLIMBING! Lord help me!

Climbing in the oven storage drawer

Shimmying up the dining room table

Turning toys over to be scaled.

There were MANY more thrill seeking moments that did not get captured. I grabbed the baby instead of the camera! HA! Sometimes my "Mom priorities" do kick in!

He's good at getting on top of things. Getting down is still the biggest challenge.
Once on top of his conquered object (albeit the step stool, mixing bowl, stack of books) he will freeze, squeal and then proceed to SWEAT! His forehead will start to drip beads and the palms of his hands spray perspiration!

With all of the new adventures, there are bound to be some accidents...and BOY WERE THERE!
There were THREE big ones in one day.

I was convinced (for a mili-second) he broke his nose, lost his two front teeth and had a concussion.

He's perfectly fine. You would've never known that he had any accidents by the way he's running around and getting into trouble today!

Please note the forehead bump/scrape, cut on the bridge of his nose and fat top lip.

Thank you Kristi and Missi for your kind words of support and calming me down from my "Mama Meltdown". You guys get the GOLD STAR for Super Sister In Law award!

Did I mention that he likes to open the front door and run down the hall way of our apartment complex....NAKED?! Yup! He's got that trick down to an art!
Every time I want to yell "DON'T LOOK ETHEL!"

If you are related to me- you know the hours we listened to Ray Stevens (comedian from Georgia). He had a hit song called "The Streak". You can find his video here:

On a COMPLETELY different note- this section is reserved for a Proud Mama Bragging Report.
I've been working with Aidan on his sign language. He's doing so well!
He can sign:

He will blow kisses and give High 5!

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