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June Thus Far....

Summer is in full swing. We've been all over the place! Most recently, we went on our first family camping trip!

All packed up and ready to rough it!
Can you believe I forgot PILLOWS?! We didn't get much sleep anyhow- so I guess it didn't matter.

Vanilla ice cream for dinner!

Apple Pie for breakfast with "Pawpaw".
Jerry was Aidan's adopted grandpa on the trip! They had a blast together!

We played on our patio yesterday. Since the camping trip, Aidan is obsessed with the cooler and dog crate! Looks like he's ready for the next camping trip already!

Sunday morning. Family photo- looking a little tired and cold

Random photo: Dad made blueberry pancakes for his little man. This is the face he makes when we ask him "Who's the evil baby?" and he snorts his nose.

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