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All Dogs Go To Heaven

Tabasco Gattie
March 23, 2001 - June 27, 2009

Top 10 Memories of Tabasco

1. On a roadtrip to Texas, we snuck him into a "NOT" pet friendly hotel in Tuscon, AZ. He threw up on the bed in the middle of the night. Thankfully, there was a second bed and we all climbed in. Before we vacated, we left a note for the cleaning service saying "Sorry! Our son got sick in the night" and left $20.

2. We made a short stop by the historical Alamo in San Antonio. Ann was 5 months pregnant and wanted to get a picture of her and Tabasco infront of the monument. The picture is kind of Tim snapped the photo, a security guard was yelling at Ann and Tabasco- NO DOGS ALLOWED! Ooops!

3. Tabasco had very strong opinions. He did not like homeless people or ugly dogs. He seldomly barked- but always barked or growled at bums & poodles.

4. He was very sensitive. Okay, so we all know he had sensitive, itchy skin. But he was also very in tune with his surroundings. Anytime Ann would cry at a movie (a frequent occurance), he would jump on her lap. Or if Tim was out of town, he would never leave her side until he got home.

5. We could always get him to sing when we would say "PEEK-A-BOO" very loud and drawn out. He also howled every time Ann would sing. Ann thought he was "singing along".

6. At Christmas time, he loved to sleep under the decorated tree. I think he enjoyed dozing off to the soft glare of the white lights.

7. He loved Aidan with all of his heart. He would nap next to him, let him pull his tail, chase him around the house and "kiss" him. Tabasco was always gentle and kind. Never jealous of the attention Aidan stole from him.

8. Oh the places he would go...He loved car rides! He went up & down California's scenic coast- stopping in Hollywood, Pebble Beach Golf Course and San Francisco. He adventured out East to
Tuscon, Sedona, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston. He even enjoyed a T-Bone in Amarillo!
On our weekend trip to Hollywood, he used the patio of our 5 star hotel as his bathroom and the fruit bowl as his personal dish.

9. In many ways he did not act like a "spaniel". Birds never caught his attention and he hated the water. We couldn't get him to play fetch or gnaw on a toy to save our lives. The only things he was interested in were eating and the beach. Tabasco would chase Tim up and down the shoreline ALL DAY LONG. It was a good workout for them both.

10. He was always the last to leave a party. We had friends over one night for dinner. After we walked everyone out and said our goodbyes, we came back in the house caught him up ontop of the dining table eating leftovers.

Tabasco was only in our home for 2 1/2 years but has left a pawprint on our hearts forever. It's a gift that we were lucky enough to have such an amazing relationship with an animal that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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