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New Photos

Here's a whole posting of new photos. It was a busy week and I am just now getting around to posting these- sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy them!

6.21.08 Celebrating the first day of summer with my two favorite boys- going in for a swim.

WHHHEEEEEE!!! It's not as cold as it looks!

Drying off with Mom!

Thumb sucker?? Just like MOM!

6.20.2008 Aidan's shirt says CHICK MAGNET- a play date with Samantha & Charlotte

6.15.08 FATHER'S DAY- watching the US Open with Dad.

I love how his ears stick out. Too cute! We laugh together....A LOT!

First Father's Day portrait.

The shirt says it all! :o)

I found a new photo editing program...just playing around with the different features.

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