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9 weeks old...

Aidan had his first vaccinations last week. I don't know who cried more- me or him. He was a trooper. He cried for only a minute or so afterwards and was back to his jolly self that afternoon. I on the other hand, had a glass of wine when I got home! :)
Next time, I'm making Tim take him to the vaccination appointment!

He weighs 11lb 15oz and is 23 1/8" long. He's in the 50th percentile for both.

He's sleeping through the night, laughing a lot during the day- and learning from Mommy really bad habits (i.e. blowing bubbles and sticking out his tongue).

I'm in love with a short fat bald man!

This is Kegan and Aidan. We had a playdate last night. The boys got along famously! They are only a month apart- look how fast they grow! Amazing!

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