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Happy Thanksgiving

This year, we give thanks for MANY things.
Just to name a few:

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches dipped in Dad's tomato soup...
(if you've never tried, just ask Aidan- he LOVED it! In this picture he's saying "CHEESE")

a healthy and beautiful and wonderful 19 month old boy with curly mohawks...

For sweet kisses with my handsome man...

For my two WONDERFUL handsome boys...

For little dare devil boys...

For lots of kitchen "toys" to keep my boys occupied while slave in the kitchen to prepare for our Turkey Day Feast...

For family & friends near and far.
We're celebrating with The Walden Family in Sammamish, WA.

Wish we could be with you all during this season.

Christmas Countdown:
29 days
9 hours
30 minutes

New words for Aidan "whoo-whoo" for owl, bridge, "mama mia".

New activities- building train out of all of his toys, lots of soccer and football. He has a really good/strong arm. Says "catch" before he throws everything- including food)
Tim was thoroughly pleased to have his son say BRIDGE!

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