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19 Months Old

Our little man is 19 months old!
He has 10 teeth (the bottom 1 year molars just came in this week)

Loves football and soccer

Loves to pretend to make food in my bowls and wooden spoons. He'll pretend to taste his creations and add more seasoning.

Loves his little puppy dog Charlie "CHARRRR"

Loves to fly around in his cape (one finger pointed in the air and making "buuzzz" sound while running around)

He just learned to jump- from Dad. I'm waiting for him to start jumping OFF OF THINGS. Thanks, Dad!

When he wakes up from his naps, he likes to jump in his crib, tear off the quit and sheets and throw everything out on the floor until I come in the room. Then he falls on the mattress and pretends to be asleep.

Favorite food: Mama's lasagna, peanut butter and honey fold over, fruit, frozen green beans and milk!

I still remind him to say please "PEEZ"

Aidan very helpful- he loves to throw things in the trashcan. When I say things....I mean EVERYTHING!

Some days when it's rainy and cold- our only big outing is the grocery market. He loves to ride in the buggy, waving at everyone and blowing kisses. One morning, he was high on his parade horse making friends with EVERYONE! All of the workers at different stations stopped what they were doing to talk to him and give him a treat. At the end of our trip, he had received: apple, grapes, chocolate chip cookie, blueberry bagel, balloon and a sticker on his belly.

Enjoying his new favorite treat....Peanut Butter and Honey "sammich"

Serious about diving his car face

Bunny Rabbit Face

Fishy Face

Curly long hair in the back and short on screams "MULLET"!

Dear Aidan,
Please stop growing so fast!
I love you more than anything in the world!

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