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WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!!!

It only took me 18 months, 3 days and 6 hours to BREAK MY BABY!

It was a regular Monday in the Gattie house. Aidan and I were getting into the elevator to go to swim class.
Swim suit...check.

The elevator was outfitted with long padded sheets hanging on all 4 walls for tenants moving in. Aidan loves to "hide" behind the pads and jump out to scare me.

Aidan hid behind one pad, tried to jump out and fell. He went face first and then palms down. His right had was closest to the CLOSING elevator door. His pinky and ring finger were caught underneath the closing door. His little fingers were not enough pressure for the elevator to stop. I immediately pressed the button for the next available floor and pulled as hard as I could to rescue him from the closed door.

We sat in the apartment lobby trying to assess the damages. He was screaming and in distress. All I saw was blood, sweat and tears. I wrapped his hand in our swimming towel and went back upstairs. I washed his hand and bandaged with our first aid kit. We got in the car and drove straight to the peditrician's office. I wasn't 100% sure if he would need stitches or a medical professional to clean bandage his hand properly. I had assumed I was an over-reacting first time Mom. Aidan stopped crying after I wrapped it up. We went to the car and I called Tim to tell him where we were going and why.
(I do not remember making that phone call. He says I was calm and collected and didn't sound worried...therefor he wasn't worried!)

The pediatrician sent us to the ER because their office is not equipped with x-rays or enough staff to hold down our big guy to give him stitches.

4 hours later, 4 stitches, 0 broken bones & 1 tired baby and Mama

My sweet boy in the ER room- watching cartoons and drinking milk.

Cleaned, prepped and ready for stitches...
I had to hunt down the doctor to tell him we were ready for sewing. I was afraid the meds were going to wear off by the time he got there!

Post stitching- swollen from the injections for numbing

After the stitches and before the bandage

After his nap, he begged me to put his shoes on him and he danced around the house with his new bandage!

Aidan is such a CHAMP! He only cried when the accident happened and when the strapped him down to clean and sew. It hasn't bothered him since. I clean and re-wrap the injury at least 4 times a day and we put a sock on top of it to keep him from picking at the bandages.

Out of ALL the daredevil stunts he has pulled in his short time of moving on this earth...falling down and getting his hand stuck in the elevator door track is what did him in! I can't believe it!!!

He will have his stitches removed on Halloween and should be better than new!

I think I have a few grey hairs just from that adventure!


One Proud Momma said...

Your poor, poor, little guy! Those injuries look so intense, and at the same time, could have been so much worse! I am so glad nothing more serious happened. You truly do have a little trooper. xo

TDAggie_00 said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well. It may have been your first trip to the ER for something like this, but I promise you it wont be the last! I can almost guarantee that you'll have at least 1 broken bone (if not more) before he's 18 and out of the house! haha

Ashley said...

What a champ!

I'm am dreading these moments. And with two, there are bound to be plenty of them. Ugh! Although I think it hurts us moms more than the kids.

mali c said...

he is one tough little dude! i know you were a wreck...but this is all part of that parenting gig. it's the hardest job in the world. i can't believe i survived all those trips to boys used to rotate. lol