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18 Months

Aidan is 18 months old!

Weight: 31 lbs
Height: 35 1/4 inches
Head: 50 cm
Just as we had expected....he's OFF THE CHARTS big!

New words:
Pumpkin, Football, Touchdown (with arm movements), Dump Truck, Tractor, Cracker, Cheers ( he'll tap his milk bottle with your glass), Cheese....I think there are more, I just can't remember them all right now

New activities:
More climbing- on taller and less sturdy objects, more dancing, running VERY VERY fast, he wants to WALK every where, he loves to brush his teeth, he likes to wear random pieces of clothing around the house. Example: he made us all wear jackets while we were in our pj's watching football. He likes to wear shoes (his or ours) while walking around the house in his diapers.

Aidan found Nemo!!

Aidan's left thumb was closed in a drawer a couple of weeks ago.
The doctor trimmed the dead nail and bandaged it. His "boxing glove" didn't last long.
We thought it was traumatic at the time...stay tuned for the more daredevil drama....

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