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Trying on Daddy's running shoes...he's got some big shoes to fill!

Scribble Art
Periodically, I can get Mr. A to sit in his highchair long enough to create a masterpiece. We write about what we did that day, some new things he has learned and experiement with colors and which hand to hold crayons in. He *might* be a LEFTY! (click on the picture to enlarge)

He loves his blocks. He loves destroying any building I create MORE!

After a mid afternoon meltdown, Aidan threw his binky on the ground. I picked it up, put it in my pocket and said "NO MORE". On the drive home, I had an internal debate whether I was going to commit to going binky free. Tim was out of town, Aidan was teething and I was tired! At bedtime, Aidan drank a little more milk than normal, laid down and went to sleep without a peep and without a bink. I thought it may have been a fluke or beginners luck. It has now been 8 days without! YIPPEE!! I do notice that he eats more without the "plug". He ate A LOT to begin with!

You may notice something missing from Aidan's lips. We bid farewell to the pacifier.
It was nice having you around as a mute button, a chew toy during teething, an ear popper on airplanes and soothing to sleep buddy.

Evolution of stinky feet.
Here are the shoes varying in the last 6 months. I can't believe how much my baby has grown!! (right to left) Ciao crib shoes, keep on wandering first walking shoes and sayonara summer sandals.
We are debuting the Fall kicks in coming weeks.

Random story:
Thursday night, Tim brought home dinner. Aidan ate an entire burger, basket of fries and 1/2 of a vanilla malt. The three of us ran around the house for 45 minutes playing hide and go seek (one of Aidan's favorites...he loves to be scared!).
At bed time, Aidan had TWO bottles of milk. When Tim laid him down in the crib- he EXPLODED. Too much food, too much fun and WAY TOO much milk!! He got ANOTHER bath, more rocking and songs with Mom.
Mom had lots more laundry to do!

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