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A month in review

Sorry for not posting a lot in May. We've been busy. Here are few pictures to get you caught up...

Aidan's favorite hat! He wore it the ENTIRE day! 

Nick & Anita flew up here from Oakland to hang out for a long weekend. Aidan LOVES the Grecos!

Aidan & Dad at the University of Washington campus. Mt. Rainier in the background (looks like a puffy cloud)

Loving his mashed potatoes. Mom encourages Aidan to play with food! 

Inspecting his safety glass

Getting a better look at safety glasses (notice the drool...he's still teething!)

Memorial day weekend. Enjoying the sunshine on the patio with our new grill!

Wanting to make ice cream (popsicles, ice cream, yogurt make for a happy teething baby)

the hair is coming in- slowly but surely

a new fascination- the tongue! 

My boys watching the tiger roam around

A little friend we made- Maya- made fast friends with the monkeys.

Aidan wanted to take a closer look

And didn't like what he saw. 

June is going to be a busy month as well. So far we have on the calendar:
Trip to San Diego
PCL Company Soccer Game
TWO camping trips
Day at the Horse Races 

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