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Looking for a Summer Getaway?

As many of you know, I am from a SMALL Texas town. "Small" doesn't seem to encompass the size, yet charm, of Hico.

Population: 1,300
In 1998, we had one school campus for Pre-K through 12- there were 600 students including faculty...I graduated with 32 people in my class! 
We have 2 gas stations and 1 blinking traffic light
Home of Brushy Bill Roberts aka "Billy the Kid" (see movie Young Guns II)

I'm reading a magazine before bed and get to the last article "Cheap Summer Trips". I woke Tim up with my excitement to see my small town in a major national magazine!  

Last year, the Texas Steak Cookoff was showcased on a Food Network special! Way to go HICO! 


Ashley said...

Dave and I just watched that cookoff less than a week ago on Food Network and thought of you!! Way to go Hico! :)

Kim said...

I love that you graduated with 32 kids.. I graduated with 1800 or something like that..

Yippee to Summer Getaways!!