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Goodbye Winter!

Aidan gets a new hairdo- compliments of Dad!

Aidan doesn't have a lot of hair to work with...but there is a tiny mohawk there...look closely! (If you click on the picture, it will enlarge. You might need a magnifying glass too!) 

Dirty Jobs with Aidan Gattie! Toilet paper and plungers...who knew it could be this much fun?! 

Tabasco turned 7 years old! We had a small brithday party. His gifts included a new bath towel, bones and poop bags. Aidan gave him a big hug and then pulled his tail. 


Kim said...

I cannot believe how big he got.. holy cow.. He is too cute..


The Gatties said...

Hey Kim! It is so great that you still "check" in on us! Loving your photo site! Gorgeous photos!
Hope all is well with you. You are in our thoughts and prayers!!