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Sunny Days Ahead...

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL lately! The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. Aidan and I have been enjoying long walks around Bellevue. We've made a few friends along the way. I'll start posting more things about our new home- some the attractions and stories. 

Monday night, while Tim was packing his bags, Aidan decided he was going to go to Hawaii, too!  Tim left on Tuesday for his meeting in Hawaii. Unfortunately, he was so busy with work, he didn't get to enjoy any of the warm weather or sand in his toes. 

Today we made a birthday cake for Tim. His favorite is carrot cake. It's his birthday, so I will oblige. But any other day, I will firmly argue that vegetables should NOT be mixed with deserts! It's just WRONG! Is there anyone out there that agrees with me?! Aidan was a big help in the kitchen...he kept me in stitches playing with the pans. 

After our birthday cake was complete, we played in the sun. We like to get our sunshine and vitamin D whenever we can! Our living area is floor to ceiling windows. Aidan enjoys getting his paw prints all over the clean windows! 

Here are more pictures of our little Valentine cupid. I didn't have any Valentine outfits for him, so I made this shirt last minute. I thought it was pretty cute! 

Aidan always has an audience when he eats. Sometimes Dad is around. Mom is usually around (with camera in hand)...but there is one member of the family who is ALWAYS near by whenever Aidan is in his highchair. I'll give you one guess on who that someone special is...

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