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Magic is in the hole....

As we made our way North to Seattle, we made a quick side trip to downtown Portland. We are fans of The Amazing Race- last season they contestants had to find "the magic is in the hole"

Here's the MAGIC!

WARNING: The following pictures may cause excessive drooling, tummy growls, teary eyes, diabetic comas and/or serious weight gain!

Tim had the apple fritter and I had the "Tex A$$". This picture does not demonstrate the enormous size of these suckers! So I decided to but it in scale for you....

With my Blackberry!!! 

***You have gained 15 lbs by just looking at this picture!

1 comment:

The McArthurs said...

In the words of Niecy Nash..."That's just foolishness!"

Oh my. Don't you know my eyes are on Nutrisystem too?