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Santa Came EARLY This Year!

This Blogging Mama is going to have some awesome photos on the web! We got a new (read: totally awesome, fast and powerful) camera for Christmas. I was a GOOD girl this year! 

Opening our Christmas present (early) Dad snuck the VERY first photo!

Please note- I don't ALWAYS look this gross. It was at the end of a long day of cooking, wrapping and cleaning! Note to Santa- next year, Mommmy needs a BATH! :) 


Kimmylyn said...

What camera did you get?? CONGRATS!! I love new toys!!

The Gatties said...

It's the Nikon D90! Totally outside of my comfort zone of Polaroids and Kodak Yellow Box disposables! I'm going to take classes to learn as much as possible. It's A LOT of camera for this little country girl :)