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It's Beginning to Look...

A lot like Christmas around here. Although it doesn't "feel" like it. Yesterday was 80 degrees and a PERFECT beach day. Keep an eye out for beach pictures to be posted later. 

He's still loving his new "toy".

We had to improvise because we don't have a fireplace and mantel.

I think he likes his stocking- even though it's empty!!

We stood in line to see Santa. 
Here's proof that he WAS in a good mood.
We can't show you pictures of what happened next...
he did NOT like Santa.  
We will try one more time and hopefully it will be a success!

These is our "Before" pictures.

I ask Aidan "How big is Aidan?" His answer is always "SO BIG!"

Dancing with Dad!

He may walk before he crawls!

Adorable Aidan at his finest!
Aidan has his very own cheering section trying to get him to crawl.
Tabasco's most favorite place to be!
Aidan, Chris and Tim- it was a nice suprise to run into Chris and gang!

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