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First Family 5k

After our family 5k race, we blew up the air mattress and watched football ALL DAY long! It was just what the doctor ordered.

Tabasco is starting to tolerate Aidan and his snuggly nature a little more these days. I think he's just grateful to get ANY attention!

Finish line! YIPPEE!! Tim ran and I walked with the stroller. Aidan slept the ENTIRE time until we crossed the finish line- then he woke up stretching.

Newest trick: He can wave! It's his favorite thing to do lately. He must think everyday is parade- because he just won't stop waving!
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1 comment:

Kimmylyn said...

First, congrats on finishing the 5K!! The pictures are just too cute..Your little man is adorable!!!

Second.. thank you.. THANK YOU for your comment yesterday.. you made me smile ear to ear. and you are officially in my reader so I can read of your adventures with your little man!