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Food Adventures #1

Sweet Potatoes...
by definition they are the same as Yams! Just incase you are ever approach by Alex Trebek or need a tie breaker for Trivial Pursuit! 

Aidan and I spent the day in the kitchen making videos for our cooking show. We had music from George Strait, Frank Sinatra & Willie Nelson. The true trifecta for any good cooking music! 
Aidan helping me make mashed sweet potatoes. I think he will enjoy licking the beaters when I make brownies! 

Mix in heapings of LOVE, sprinkle with big HUGS and top it off with a KISS from the chef!  Voila....Bon Appetit!

Love at first bite! 

Immediately the thumb goes in and "hmmmmm" humming sound- he's in pure heaven right now. 
Aidan even shared some with Dad! 

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